Read fluently, write effectively, present with confidence and learn with passion!

Singapore Media Academy’s Term Programmes for kids have been designed to allow your child to learn in progressive levels with specific content and different performance assignments in each term.

Our courses and curriculum are carefully structured and developed to cater to children’s learning needs. Drawing on our expertise in the broadcast industry, media elements have been infused into our curriculum. This is a feature that is truly unique to Singapore Media Academy.

Our students get to learn more effectively in an experiential manner, making use of our fully functional, comprehensive facilities like the TV studio and Radio Conty. Through these activities, the children will acquire and enhance their language, social, physical, and cognitive skills that will shape them for the future.

Term Courses presented by Singapore Media Academy have been designed to optimise learning so every child can learn and pick up skills and knowledge over 2 semesters in an academic year. Learning gradually, Term Courses achieve breath and depth in the specific area of learning for your child.