Parkpoom Wongpoom

Usually known as one of the duo who created the global smash hit Shutter in 2004 and Alone in 2007, Parkpoom Wongpoom goes solo by directing an episode of 4bia, a horror ensemble that GTH produces with the aim of reaching out to global audience. Shutter, a box-office champion in Thailand and many territories around the world, recently remade by a Hollywood studio, is a proof positive of Parkpoom’s screenwriting genius, in which a simple tale of a vengeful spirit merges with a sly critique of male chauvinism. In Alone, a ghost story about Siamese twins, he directs superstar Marsha Watanapanich with superb nuances that makes the film both spooky and sad.

“Shutter is the film that defines my sensibility as a moviemaker,” says Parkpoom. “What I’m trying to achieve as a director is to create a total reality that draws the audience in and let them live that total experience. Also, it’s important to make a movie that allows the viewers to feel the characters as real human beings.”

Parkpoom’s interest stretches beyond horror stories. He’s long planned to film a political drama about Thailand’s famous political prisoner locked up in a remote island. For now, he believes that working with GTH will pave his way to become Thailand’s leading filmmaker. “It’s a studio of my dream. The way everybody here, even the executives, work together like friends are the ideal environment of a young director.”

Parkpoom's first feature film, Shutter, was co-directed and co-written with Banjong Pisanthanakun. With a story about ghost images in photographs and a haunted photographer (portrayed by Ananda Everingham), the film was the biggest box-office hit in Thailand that year, and was also a hit in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Brazil.



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