Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our Vision

To be the Leading Media Academy in Asia.


Our Mission

To Nurture and Develop Media Practitioners and Media Leaders of the Future.


Our Core Values

  • Respect: Demonstrate integrity, empathy and positive energy.
  • Teamwork: Render help and collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
  • Drive: Commit to high standards of performance and work excellence.


Our Regional Aspirations

Singapore Media Academy aims to establish partnerships and collaborations with regional industry players, universities, institutes and schools to offer education and training that is current and relevant to the industry.


Our Educational Goals

At Singapore Media Academy, we aim to create a lifelong learning culture that continuously seek new innovation and challenges to the methods and ways of doing things:

  • To cultivate our participants’ ability for lateral thinking in a conducive environment for fruitful exchange of ideas and applications.
  • To provide opportunities for critical studies that will prepare participants with relevant applied knowledge in their engagement with their professional practice.
  • To instil in our participants with a global and multi-cultural perspective.


Our Culture Statement

We will respect individuals, communities and environment through ethical and responsible conduct, fostering a caring community conducive to innovation and open communications leading to sustainable results and driven to challenge and exceed expectations in all service delivery.


Our Commitment

Singapore Media Academy aspires to be the leading media academy of Asia, providing world-class education and conservatory style training to nurture and develop individuals and corporations in Singapore and Asia.

The Academy is committed to actively contribute towards the evolution of Singapore into a vibrant Media Hub.