Lee Hunt

Lee Hunt is founder of Lee Hunt LLC, a New York-based consultancy focusing on brand strategy, on-air architecture, competitive analysis, and personnel training for television networks and media companies.

Lee is a strategist, trainer, and industry thought leader. His success in launching and positioning channel brands, in addition to his pioneering work in audience management have set many of the standards for our industry.

Lee began his career on the client side in the 1980s, launching and branding Lifetime, VH1 and TNT. In the 90’s he founded one of TV’s most successful creative services agencies, Lee Hunt Associates. In 1999, he sold LHA to the digital services company, Razorfish.

In 2001 Lee launched the strategic consultancy, Lee Hunt LLC.

Lee is also the author of Fundamentals of Television Advertising & Promotion and Break|Throughs, the quarterly anthology of innovative advertising & promotion.



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