Customised Corporate Training Programmes

Singapore Media academy’s corporate training includes media handling, crisis communications, and social media communications & management.

Our trainers are current, active practitioners of their craft, either as Mediacorp employees or who work in the media sector. It is our belief that, given the fast changing nature of the media sector and the increasing impact of digital and social media in reshaping how media is produced and consumed, remaining current and relevant is more important than ever.

Our industry-grade facilities are able to provide a training environment that is as close as possible to real-life studio experience. Exposing participants to such an environment means that they will be able to focus on delivering their messages effectively when the tie comes rather than worry about how they appear on camera or how to respond to unexpected questions.

While our courses have been developed by our academic experts to be pedagogically sound, we also customise the scenarios and practical sessions to meet corporation's specific requirements and address the skill gaps of participants.

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