Sustainable Integrated Engagement in the Age of Consent


Customers have taken back control of their lives and are very selective in terms of who they want to hear from and interact with. Countries around the world are introducing Privacy and Personal Data Protection Legislation. The internet, social media and mobile devices give customers direct access to information and other customers. So, is the marketer becoming redundant? How do you stay relevant and continue to add value and influence what the customer sees, hears and eventually consume?

This workshop gives participants an overview of the capabilities available to marketers to help them understand, differentiate and prioritise customers and prospects. It introduces key concepts that drive effective data collection, profiling and storytelling. Participants will leave with a clear appreciation of how data and insights drive content and customer experience design. Coupled with a pragmatic understanding of the new Personal Data Protection Legislation and your obligations as a marketer to protect personal data and respect customer preferences, you should now be better equipped to engage the customer, in this new Age of Consent.

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