The Expressive Self



This course is aimed at non‐actors who wish to explore their creative and communicative abilities within a learning context that draws upon performance, drama and theatre.

Students on this course will most likely come from those professions where the ability to communicate openly with sincerity and conviction is important. Drawing upon drama, theatre and performance as its resource, this course will enable students to challenge and overcome the varied difficulties we all face in communicating our thoughts and intentions clearly and in an engaging manner.

Students will embark on a collaborative learning journey working closely with others but with an individual focus that will facilitate a life‐long skill in the art of expressive communication.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and appreciate the need for expressive abilities in daily social and business/professional contexts
  • Demonstrate this ability in a variety of authentic environments
  • Articulate and expand upon the need for clear communication in everyday life and work.


(Duration) Date

(8 Sessions x 3 Hours; Total: 24 Hours) -



7:00pm to 10:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$32.10

Course Fee: S$1,926.00


Trainer Profile

Andrew James Mowatt has over twenty years experience as an actor and theatre educator. Trained in the UK at Winchester University and then a Post‐Graduate year studying acting at the prestigious Oxford School of Drama.

Andrew also holds a Masters degree in Drama as well as a fellowship in acting from the London College of Music.

A dedicated theatre actor and acting teacher Andrew has an avid interest in the development of Post‐Stanislavsky training approaches to contemporary actor training. He is currently researching this topic along with a number of Singapore based Theatre academics and practitioners in the soon to be launched ‘Singapore Actors Studio.’ Andrew has presented academic papers at ATEC 2009, 2011. The University of Sydney (applied Theatre Conference 2008) NAFA Symposium 2011.

Andrew is a working actor and is well known to theatre audiences having appeared in both small‐scale shows and main stage commercial theatre performances, in addition Andrew appeared in the hit film ‘The Blue Mansion’ directed by Glen Goei in 2009.



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