Creating a Web Series



Learn how to create your own Web Series from co-founders, Jason Chan and Christian Lee, of the award-winning production company BananaMana Films. They'll present their experience of how they created their 2 web series "What Do Men Want?" and "Perfect Girl", and share everything that goes into making good scripted dramas, for web, TV and film.


Course Outlines

  • Script writing, co-writing, use of google cloud based tools to work from anywhere
  • Pre-production: budgeting, script breakdown, scheduling, casting, locations, crewing up, sponsorship (emphasis on DIY, low budget)
  • Production: How to shoot with a crew of 3-4, run and gun. How to maintain quality with minimal crew and equipment.
  • Post production: editing, SFX, VFX, music composition, mixing and colour grading (emphasis on DIY and how we did the full post with just 3 people)
  • Marketing and Distribution: online platform building, festivals, press, social media, etc


(Duration) Date

(3 Hours) -



9:00am to 12:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$32.10

Course Fee: S$160.50


Trainer Profiles

The 2 directors, Jason Chan and Christian Lee, came from an acting background. Both are based in Singapore, having moved from the US and Australia respectively, and run the production company BananaMana Films Pte Ltd.

Having started in corporate video production, BananaMana Films quickly moved into creative video production for corporate companies and now create narrative content for the web, TV and film.

Jason Chan was initially a medical doctor. He studied acting at NIDA, Sydney, before landing his first major role as the Green Samurai Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm. Soon after he moved to Singapore for multiple film, TV and theatre roles. However, he always had an urge to tell his own stories and started a production company with the aim of creating films and TV series. He is always focused on how to tell interesting, nuanced, long form stories in better ways. Moreover he is constantly working at maximising efficiency in the production and post production workflow by using software and hardware advances and creativity.



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