Young Actors' Studio (Chinese) 《青年演艺培训坊》

(For Youths Aged 13 to 17)


"Discover and create a stage that belongs to you" - Liow Shi Suen, Veteran Performing Artiste and Trainer



Young Actors’ Studio (Chinese) is designed to impart a comprehensive understanding and vital skills to budding young actors, through exercises with increasing levels of complexity. Individual actors will be grounded in the core elements of performance and equipped with the focus, imagination, and confidence to perform a simple play in front of an audience. As a group, the course will also ingrain the collaborative nature of theatre through team-building activities that foster a spirit of communal effort.

To expose and deepen the students’ understanding of the different genres of stage performances, materials adapted from scenes of various classic plays will be used to strengthen their ability in character building, knowledge in interpreting scripts and presenting them from their perspectives. Cross talks will also be used as a tool to improve participants’ expressions through their voice, body language, as well as introducing the importance of rhythm in conversations.

Through in-class performances and constructive feedbacks among the students, this course also aims to deepen their understanding of the lesson and inculcate the idea that there are always multiple perspectives in art.

A final performance is incorporated at the end of the semester for students to showcase their talents and understanding of the key learning points.


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and heighten awareness of focus
  • Create drama using imagination in an empty space
  • Build characters using body and voice
  • Break down and analyse a script
  • Create a character and their traits during role play when given a script
  • Speak with appropriate rhythm, voice modulation, and emphasis during role play
  • Work with others to create drama through improvisation
  • Provide a reasonable critic verbally when looking at a dramatic piece 


Medium of Instruction



Duration; Frequency

2.5 Hours per Session (1 Session per Week, Total: 30 Hours)


Course Schedule

  • Semester 1: -
  • Semester 2: -


Day; Time

Saturday; 1:00pm to 3:30pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$21.40

Course Fee per Semester: S$1,391.00


Trainer Profile

Liow Shi Suen has been actively involved in the media industry for more than 30 years and displayed her talents in many areas, such as television & movie post-production, scriptwriting, translation, vision editing, drama acting, directing, linguistic coaching & commercial voicing. With a great passion for theatre performances, she has also played numerous leading and supporting roles on stage. Shi Suen also enjoys teaching and is a popular linguistic lecturer for tertiary institutions, corporate enterprises, educators, local and overseas artistes.


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