Event Hosting

(For Youths Aged 13 to 17)



This course is designed to introduce the What’s and How’s of event hosting in an engaging manner. Students will gain knowledge on how to plan for an event, generation of ideas, suitable games to play, and whom they need to work with through interactive sessions and project assignments.

Students can hone their presentation skills in the process as they learn to build stage presence, project their voices, host with scripts, and in an impromptu manner. Recordings and in-class evaluations are also added to enhance their understanding of the different aspects of hosting and their performance.

Course Outline

  • Understanding what kind of events you could host
  • Overcoming fears of hosting
  • Programme planning and scripting
  • How to organise an event
  • Art of communication
  • Interview techniques
  • Improvising when things go wrong
  • Audience participation and engagement
  • Showcasing your skills


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, the participants will learn tips on how to do public speaking and present to a group of audiences. They will also gain insight into how to organise events and how to think on their feet.


Medium of Instruction



Duration; Frequency

2.5 Hours per Session (1 Session per Week, Total: 30 Hours)


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$21.40

Course Fee per Semester: S$1,391.00


Trainer Profile

Margaret Mary Lim, previously known as Maggie when she was a DJ, is a voice-over talent and has vast experience in hosting different events. With a cheerful and chatty personality, you will never be dull in her classes as she shares her experiences from formal hosting to mall-style emceeing.


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