Dance and Improvisation

(For Youths Aged 13 to 17)



Aim to encourage creative self-expression, this course introduces the participants with little to no experience in dance to basic movement and dance principles, including body alignment, balance, and weight shifting, musicality, and safety. Students can explore different ways of using the body, and improvise movements in freestyle with a given piece of music or song.

The course is conducted through a variety of methods and activities, including basic technique sessions, movement exercises, improvisatory sessions, group-work activities, short lectures, and video viewings to explain specific points or demonstrate to students in more detail.

Participants will have an opportunity to perform a dance segment at the end of the semester to showcase their talents.


Learning Outcomes

  • Have experience of a typical basic dance class format and its associated etiquette
  • Understand basic dance and movement principles
  • Gain knowledge of hip hop and street jass techniques
  • Be able to use dance as a platform to enhance self-expression
  • Improvise movements in freestyle


Medium of Instruction



Duration; Frequency

 2 Hours per Session (1 Session per Week, Total: 30 Hours)


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$21.40

Course Fee per Semester: S$1,391.00


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