WSQ Write a Narrative Script (Chinese)


All good films and dramas start with a script. Each story begins with an idea, which is then transformed into a script. A script combines all aural, visual, behavioural, and linguistic elements necessary to tell the story effectively, and is therefore one of the most imperative elements in every film or drama production.

This unit focuses on writing a narrative script for film and television drama. Participants will learn to develop a story idea and write a script that has commercial and/or artistic potential by identifying the theme of the story, developing creative plots and compelling characters. This unit will also have an emphasis on learning how to write evocative action and descriptors, develop effective and appropriate dialogue, as well as a suitable pace for the story.

所有好的影视剧都诞生自剧本。 每个影视剧故事都是从一个想法,一步一步地发展到成为脚本。剧本结合听觉、视觉、人物行为和语言来讲一个精彩故事,是每一部影视剧作品中最重要的元素之一。


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