Storytelling Online & Offline


Be future-ready and conversant in the techniques of storytelling. Be able to convince and influence customers, potential clients and internal stakeholders.

Storytelling Online & Offline is a three-part training programme, conducted over 2 days, designed to impart fundamental skills of telling stories: in person and online; for personal branding and as a part of a larger corporate story or social media campaign.

This three-part training programme works in unison to train participants in communication and storytelling skills 360:

  1. The Three-Act Structure gives participants an understanding of story structures and genres to allow them to come up with compelling, engaging stories regardless of the medium they deploy.
  2. Online Applications develops the foundation laid in Part 1 to give participants knowledge of how to apply their storytelling skills successfully in a social and digital world, and to track the impact of their stories and campaigns.
  3. The Theatrics of Business ties all three parts together to give participants the skills to react and improvise in real life physical storytelling scenarios depending on the characters, personalities and scenarios they are faced with.

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