WSQ Develop Media Product Knowledge (OOH)


Out of home (OOH) media is more diverse and changing more rapidly than any other media channel, with a vast array of display formats, in a variety of places and situations. There are constant developments and technology advances which create new possibilities to communicate with audiences outside of the home.

OOH media is and will continue to be, of greater importance to more brands, as a cost effective mass communicator and a gateway for new media to engage and influence consumers.

At the same time OOH media needs greater understanding to be used effectively with the best return on investment. OOH media stands alone without editorial involvement, as pure advertising, so dedicated solutions are needed to identify audiences and influence them with advertising messages.

This dynamic situation challenges brands, agencies and media operators and creates a need and desire for the industry to learn more about OOH. With better understanding the OOH operators, advertising agencies and advertisers will be able to harness the opportunities which present themselves.

This workshop will teach you to identify the types of product information required in OOH media sales and media planning; gather the relevant media information through various sources; validate and finally analyse these OOH media information for use in media planning and advertising.

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