Social Media - Public Relations, Ethics and Crisis Management

SSG Course Ref No.: CRS-N-0046657 / Funding Validity Period: 10 Apr 2018 - 30 Apr 2020

This unit may be taken as part of the Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Content Creation. This unit is to be taken in conjunction with "Social Media - Monitoring, Metrics and Analytics".



This unit provides participants with the fundamentals of public relations on social media. While social media has given users the freedom to express and converse, it also allowed companies to directly communicate and engage their audiences and customers. At the same time, the risk of various types of social media crises has increased. In addition, social media has changed some fundamental ways marketing and public relations should be conducted, the way customers can and should be engaged, managed and nurtured. Besides teaching the new paradigm of marketing and public relations, the unit covers issues of ethics in social media and ways to manage crisis on social media.


Learning Outcomes

  • Introduction to public relations; How web has changed the rules of marketing and public relations; Types of situational crisis
  • Rules of engagement: How to engage customers and audiences; Ways to nurture brand champions
  • Issues management: Pitfalls and “Do-Not”s on social media
  • Ethics management: Considering issues on ethics when planning and designing strategies on social media; Online marketing; Social media outreach
  • Crisis management: Being prepared for social media crises; averting and managing social media crises


Who Should Attend

Marketing & Branding Professionals, Programming Managers, Business Managers, New Media Sales Professionals


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