WSQ Provide Leadership Across the Organisation

SSG Course Ref No.: CRS-Q-0018075-CI / Funding Validity Period: 24 Nov 2016 - 29 Jan 2021


Acquire leadership skills and techniques to achieve organisational missions and visions.



A strong team is more than the sum of its part, and a competent leader with the skills to inspire cooperation and trust amongst his team is one who can produce quality results. 

This unit covers the provision of leadership in an organisation, irrespective of size. Participants will master skills that include determining and communicating vision, mission and values, and securing commitment of workforce. Participants will learn about identifying and supporting teams and talent, as well as managing change.


Learning Outcomes

  • Lead the development/creation of strategic plans on a consistent basis
  • Build high performance teams through defining roles and fostering open communication
  • Establish clear understanding of vision/mission and values to build commitment
  • Identify potential impact of change to work environment and tasks so as to manage change effectively
  • Recognise and reward performance in a fair and consistent manner across the organisation

Who Should Attend

People Managers, Senior Managers


(Duration) Date

(3 Days) -



9:00am to 6:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$53.50 -Waived-


Course Type: Category B

SSG Funding*

MCES or ETS Funding*

WTS Funding*

Full Course Fee S$1,800.00 S$1,800.00 S$1,800.00
SSG Funding (S$360.00) (S$360.00) (S$3600.00)
Nett Course Fee S$1,440.00 S$1,440.00 S$1,440.00
7% GST S$126.00 S$126.00 S$126.00
Total Fee Payable S$1,566.00 S$1,566.00 S$1,566.00
Additional Funding (S$0.00) (S$840.00) (S$1,350.00)
Nett Fee Payable S$1,556.00 S$726.00 S$216.00

*SkillsFuture Funding (SSG Funding), Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES Funding), Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETS Funding), Workfare Training Support Scheme (WTS Funding) - Fundings from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) are applicable to Singapore Citizens and/or Permanent Residents only. Terms and conditions apply. For more information on funding available, click here


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