WSQ Produce Radio Programmes

SSG Course Ref No.: CRS-Q-0020866-CI / Funding Validity Period: 24 Nov 2016 - 29 Jan 2021


Acquire the skills to plan and produce a radio programme. 



This course covers producing radio programmes. The skills include planning the programme; gathering all audio elements; and, production of the programme.

This includes conceptualisation, identifying the type of research work required, writing, as well as gathering all audio elements to the production of a programme.


Learning Outcomes

  • Conceptualise ideas for radio programmes and determine whether it is feasible to implement including the cost of production
  • Identify the type of research work required for the programme especially on story lead
  • Improve skills on writing for radio programmes using a standard template and able to voice differently for different genre of programmes
  • Understand the basic set-up of the production and on-air studio and practice on it
  • Record using appropriate recording equipment and practice doing interviews and vox pops
  • Edit and mix the various audio segments and package it
  • Determine key logistical decisions necessary to fulfil production requirements
  • Have a better understanding on the general workflow of radio production


Who Should Attend

Individuals who are interested in becoming radio producers/presenters


(Duration) Date

(4 Days) -



9:00am to 6:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$53.50 -Waived-


Course Type: Category B

SSG Funding*

MCES or ETS Funding*

WTS Funding*

Full Course Fee S$2,400.00 S$2,400.00 S$2,400.00
SSG Funding (S$450.00) (S$450.00) (S$450.00)
Nett Course Fee S$1,950.00 S$1,950.00 S$1,950.00
7% GST S$168.00 S$168.00 S$168.00
Total Fee Payable $2,118.00 S$2,118.00 S$2,118.00
Additional Funding (S$0.00) (S$1,050.00) (S$1,830.00)
Nett Fee Payable S$2,118.00 S$1,068.00 S$288.00

*SkillsFuture Funding (SSG Funding), Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES Funding), Enhanced Training Support for SMEs (ETS Funding), Workfare Training Support Scheme (WTS Funding) - Fundings from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) are applicable to Singapore Citizens and/or Permanent Residents only. Terms and conditions apply. For more information on funding available, click here


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