Hosting Workshop (Chinese)《主持人培训坊》



在台上,你是否总是战战兢兢? 面对观众时,会不自觉吃螺丝?想强化自己的主持能力却找不到适合的课程?来参加《主持人培训坊》,学习和了解当主持人的种种窍门,发掘你的主持潜力,并展现你独特的主持魅力!为期10堂课的内容非常丰富,包括口语表达和以形体语言来提升你的主持能力。学习访问技巧,建立主持的对象感和应变能力。同时掌握不同节目类型的主持风格,包括现场主持与电视主持,让你完美地秀出你自己。


Join us in our Hosting Workshop, where you will be immersed in the art of effective communication, learn good presenting skills, and develop your style to host with confidence! Throughout these ten sessions, you will learn the various aspects of hosting, including improvisation, interviewing skills, presenting live events or for TV, and building rapport with the audience.

This course is an excellent learning platform for all aspiring to work in the TV industry.

Participants will receive their recordings from the programme.


Learning Outcomes

  • 认识不同的主持节目类型及应对方式
  • 建立自我表达和公众演说的自信心
  • 增强批判性思维和临场反应能力
  • Learn different formats and techniques in hosting
  • Build confidence in self-expressions and presentations
  • Enhance critical thinking and improvisational skills



Must be able to read and communicate in Chinese.


Duration; Frequency

3 Hours per Session (2 Sessions per Week, Total: 30 Hours)



7:30pm to 10:30pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$32.10

Course Fee: $1,926.00


Trainer Profile

刘诗璇 Liow Shi Suen

诗璇从事媒体工作达三十多年, 所涉及的领域非常广泛。她曾担任新传媒机构台前与幕后不同的工作,如配音导播,综艺节目导演, 剧场导演,综艺节目主持人,节目配音员,以及中英语电视情景剧演员。不仅如此,刘诗璇对表演的热忱也展现在舞台上,在剧场扮演了不计其数的角色。热衷于教育的她,也在南洋理工大学及义安理工学院兼职教授《主持人呈现技巧课程》。语言培训职场专业人士包括:商贸金融专才、医生,电影电视华语英语艺人,舞台剧演员,和海外电视艺人。

Shi Suen has been actively involved in the media industry for more than 30 years and displayed her talents in many areas, such as television & movie post-production, scriptwriting, translation, vision editing, drama acting, directing, linguistic coaching, and commercial voicing. With a great passion for theatre performances, she has also played numerous leading and supporting roles on stage. Shi Suen also enjoys teaching and is a popular linguistic lecturer for tertiary institutions, corporate enterprises, educators, local and overseas artistes.


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