Actors' Training Studio (Foundation) 《演员训练班(基础班)》



Pursue your dream of becoming an actor through the fundamentals of method acting!

Broken into bite sizes, the lessons are designed to prepare you in your acting career by building your fundamentals in method acting, learn techniques to master your acting voice and tips to perform well in your future auditions.

Learn from veteran directors, actors, and producers to find out what productions are looking for and receive a casting reel of your monologue.



Must be able to read and communicate in Chinese.


Duration; Frequency

3 Hours per Session (2 Sessions per Week, Total: 48 Hours)



7:00pm to 10:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$32.10

Course Fee: S$3,424.00


Trainer Profiles


林坤辉 Lim Koong Hwee

The lead trainer for this course. Koong Hwee joined Mediacorp in 1990 and has worked his way up the ranks to a producer. He directed numerous Chinese Drama productions and some of his favourite works includes〈无花果〉,〈想握你的手〉, 〈求爱大战〉,〈叮当神探〉,〈凡间新仙人〉,〈荷兰村〉,〈任我遨游〉,〈小孩不笨〉,〈豆腐街〉,〈孩有明天〉,〈无炎的爱〉,〈福满人间〉,〈一线之间〉,〈我爱精灵〉, 〈一房半厅一水缸〉,〈敢敢做个开心人〉etc.

Koong Hwee received numerous praises from his peers as well as artists who have worked with him before.


刘诗璇 Liow Shi Suen

Shi Suen has worked in the media industry and Mediacorp for over 30 years with experience spanning from a voice-recording director, variety programmes producer, emcee, dubbing artiste, etc. Her passion for acting is also shown through her involvement in stage acting, where she took on numerous roles.

As a linguistic training expert, Shi Suen has trained many professionals such as doctors, lawyers, and local as well as overseas actors/actresses.



沈炜竣 Nick Shen Weijun

Winner of JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World 2014 for Cultural Achievement, Nick is a media personality who contributes immensely to the arts and culture scene in Singapore.

Nick first began his career in showbiz after winning the Singapore Star Search competition and Star Awards Best Newcomer in 1999, held by Singapore’s leading broadcasting company.

In 2011, Nick turned his passion for Chinese opera into a purpose and founded Tok Tok Chiang, an events management company where Nick dedicates his efforts in repositioning Chinese opera and culture, changing perspectives, and renewing interest in the audience. With his determination to perfecting this traditional art form, Nick mastered the unique Chinese art of Sichuan Mask Changing in 2012.

In 2017, Nick made further efforts to revive and promote this vanishing art form by taking over the helm as the troupe owner of Lao Sai Tao Yuan, a 155-year-old Teochew Opera Troupe. As the next-generation troupe owner, Nick is taking the initiative to promote this traditional art to the youths and the world in a bid to preserve its place in the heritage and culture of the ever-changing landscape of Singapore.

Despite dedicating his time and efforts in promoting the local arts and culture scene, Nick is still active in showbiz and constantly takes up new challenges in trying out different roles on screen. His wealth of acting experience has led to him being appointed as a drama instructor at Mediacorp’s Singapore Media Academy since 2014. 


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