Hosting Workshop (English)



Join us in our Hosting Workshop where you will be immersed in the art of effective communication, learn good presenting skills and develop your own style to host with confidence! Throughout these 10 sessions, you will learn the various aspects of hosting, including improvisation, interviewing skills, presenting live events, and building rapport with the audience. This is excellent for anyone who has the passion for presenting in front of a crowd or on stage for a show.


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn Different Formats and Techniques in Hosting   
  • Build Confidence in Self-Expression and Presentations
  • Enhance Critical Thinking and Improvisational Skills  


Course Highlights

  • The course is conducted by local veteran event host and voice-over talent, Margaret Lim.
  • Participants will receive their recordings from the programme.


(Duration) Course Schedule and Outline

(30 Hours)


Course Outline*


Hosting 101: Basic Rules and Skills -- Common Traits of Good Presenters and Hosts - Overcoming Fear of Hosting (Methods)


Understanding and Employing Non-Verbal Communication (Eye Contact, Posture, Body Stance) -- Understanding and Employing Non-Verbal Communication (Dressing, Spatial Understanding) -- Language of a Host


Importance of Breathing when Hosting -- Mic Techniques -- Understanding Vocal Varieties and Emphasis -- Energy Level of a Host


Understanding Psyche of the Audience -- Games: What's Good to Play and What's Appropriate


Understanding Psyche of the Audience -- Games: What's Good to Play and What's Appropriate


Interview Techniques: How to Lead and Read Interviews


Programme Planning and Scripting: How to Prepare Your Own Script (if there's no one to prepare it for you) -- What to Say and How to Deliver it when You're On Stage


Course Project Preparation: Title/Event is given and students to prepare the script, games and rundown of the event.


Filming of Course Project



*Subject to change.

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7:00pm to 10:00pm


Fees (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Application Fee: S$32.10

Course Fee: S$1,926.00



Able to read and communicate in English.


Trainer Profile

     Margaret Mary Lim

Margaret, Previously known as Maggie when she was a DJ, is a voice-over talent and has vast experience in hosting different events. With a cheerful and chatty personality, you will never be dull in her classes as she shares her experience from formal hosting to mall-style emceeing.



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